This is quite intense, there's a lot of writing
You could attempt to read the whole thing or use it as a "visual aid",
that is, just skim it over to see just how much crap
we put up with during the last 2 years in Sumner.

There are strategically placed "bail outs" for you along the way.
Feel free to use them as neccessary.

It has finally come down to the wire now and as I start searching for an attorney to deal with Sumner, the question of why I am pursuing this issue with such compassion has surfaced. As I think back over the last 5 years there have been many changes in my life. After my mother passed away I decided to use the inheritance to start a small summertime business that my wife and eventually my daughters could run. Since many women are suffering from wage discrimination I thought my daughters could use this experience to decide whether they wanted to work for themselves or somebody else.

Even though we had many problems with the city in setting up our mini-golf and finally had to open up illegally we were an instant hit with the community and I was able to put all the hassles behind me. We were proud to donate well over 3,000 cans of food to the Sumner Food Bank using 1/2 price promotions at the mini golf. I did find out that there is no such thing as part time and business and had to leave my job. To help extend our season in the spring, we decided to add batting cages to our mini golf.
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Given the difficulties we had with the mini golf, the city's planning department decided that a CDRC review would be the best way to deal with the permit process. I have given the previous council copies of that report. We made many business decisions based on that report, the number of machines, amount of property to lease, how much we should spend. We risked all our savings plus more but felt we should do the job right the first time. It turned out that the CDRC report the city gave me was worthless. After we started construction, the City Engineer stopped out at the sight to inform me that a filling and grading permit was required even though there was no mention of it on the report. Base on what we had in writing, we continued construction without a permit. After numerous resubmittals of our plans because of "lack of detail" they were finally approved December 7, 1993. The engineering department asked me if anyone had talked to me about the storm water fees. They would amount to $3,680. I did discuss the issue with a city employee for well over 45 minutes on the phone. The employee commented that I should just pay the fees, somebody had to. In regards to the city being held accountable in a court of law he also pointed out that I was just the putt-putt guy.

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